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When I first start
setting boundaries

It’s awkward

I don’t always say
the right thing
the right way
the right words
the right inflections

So people react without saying
the right thing
the right way
the right words
the right inflections

that makes me want to stop
setting boundaries

But I can’t.

Because I need them
and even though you may not like it
you need me to have them
for our relationship to be real

We need to express our needs
We need to express our true selves
In order to really know each other
Not who we think we are
Not who we should be
Not just making it work
Not just keeping the peace

Because I want to be
the real me
flawed and awkward

Because deep down
I like me
flawed and awkward

and I’m hoping
you will like
the real me
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Two years ago a simple girl came to a realization.
In a divinely inspired moment of clarity
she understood that nothing she does,
nothing that has been done to her,
and nothing she will do in the future
– any mistakes, hurts, heartaches –
NOTHING will impact her worth.
God loves her for all the imperfection she is,
and she needed to learn to love herself that same way.

She suddenly felt empowered and inspired.
She wondered if everyone out in the world knowmyworth
already knew this truth,
or if it was her job to share it.

She hesitated.
“Who am I to lead this truth?”

But she didn’t let that voice
fear and doubt
take root.
She didn’t let her ego
or fear of failure
stand in the way
of what the Creator
was sharing.

So she started a blog
and a facebook page
that has been blessed
and blossomed
into a community.

She didn’t have to be an expert
because it wasn’t about her anyway

She may be only one step ahead
on this WORTH journey,
but she could use that one step
– she could reach back her hand
and help someone else along the path.

I am that girl.
And I am so grateful
that you are here with me
on this journey of worth

I reach out my hand to you
you reach out yours to me
we journey together
finding our way
keeping our hope
holding our faith
believing in ourselves.

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Being a good person
loving and caring

Being a good teacher
guiding and imparting

Being a good partner
considerate and helpful

Being a good provider
feeding and sheltering

Being a good coach
available and accountable

Being a good child
obedient and achieving

Being a good parent
shaping and modeling

Being a good friend
listening and encouraging

All good things
Yes, indeed

not one of my roles
not one of the things I do
no matter how “good”
I am at it
no matter how “bad”
I am at it
not one of these things
determines my worth

I have worth.
I have value.
No matter what.

I have value just for being me

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My prayer for you

that you know
you are loved
without conditions
without expectations

that you know
you are worthy
of all things good
and beautiful
and happy

that you feel
God’s love
wrap around you softly
a grandmother’s arms
and sweet kisses
on your head

that you know
how fiercely
God protects you
how He watches you closely
yet lets you run free
a child on a playground
under the watchful eyes
of a loving mom

that you know
you are beautiful
you are unique
you are loved
and for you I pray

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What does love
feel like,
look like,
sound like
to you?

The answer will be so different for each of us…

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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You are a …
mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son,
leader, assistant, friend, teacher, student, counselor,
nurse, lover, fighter, musician, poet,
sister, brother, man, woman…

None of it defines who you are.
None of it speaks to your value or worth.

No matter what you do, no matter what roles you have in life

You have value just in being you.

(or ex)

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Today kicks off our special February focus!

Remember today, we don’t need a person to “complete” me –
no matter what the romantic comedies say.

You know,
that’s actually a lot of pressure to put on someone else
and realistically,
no one would be able to do it

you + me ≠ a complete me
you + me = a complete us
whatever that may be

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when things don’t go exactly as I thought they would go
for whatever reason

I attack myself.
I beat myself up.
I wonder why it happened
the way that it did,
and in the pit of myself,
believe that it’s my fault.

Expectations. Evil Expectations.

When they are not met,
by others
or myself

Somehow, that instantly reflects on my worth.
The self condemnation starts
It must be that I’m not good enough,
It must be that I did something wrong.

But that’s a lie.

I know the truth.
I know that no matter what I do,
No matter how I imagine things
No matter how things happen

I am loved.
I am valued.
I am precious.

And I don’t have to meet my own expectations,
or yours,
to be that way.

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Ever have those days
when you are just
feeling fat?

Clothes don’t fit their best
The mirror isn’t being kind
Energy is low
And you start picking on yourself

It’s not really about fatness
because it happens to us at any shape or size

It’s about self-worth
Knowing that we have value
regardless of

We have to break the cycle of negative self-talk
Stop listening to the lies
Stop getting sucked into the game

I have value
I have a beautiful soul
I am loved by God
I am cherished by God
He made me a perfect creation

I need to stay in touch with that love
share that love with others

focus on the things that are truly important
and get over myself

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Am I Valuable?

When I don’t know my value
When I don’t recognize
(or appreciate)
My own strengths and talents
My life is not all it could be.

My doubt of my worth has an impact on how I live my life.
My doubt of my worth has an impact on my interactions with others.
My doubt of my worth has an impact on God, and all He has planned for me.

I have a desire to live my life to the fullest.
No longer will I hold back.
It’s time.

Time to be open.
Time to take risks.
Time to acknowledge all that is good in me.
Time to offer my value to others.
Time to become all that I can be.

I am worth it
And so are you.

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