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Oh Creator,
Give me the desire and the ability

to forgive myself

for times of being unaware
and not seeing things as clearly as I do now

for times of seeing acceptance
in people instead of you

for times of being naive
getting caught in someone’s snares

for times my words or actions
didn’t match who I want myself to be

for times of being human
needing space to learn and heal

for times of needing help
letting go of past hurts and old patterns

Give me the ability, desire, and the courage
to be compassionate with myself
to take steps forward
to believe I am worthy
just as I am.

04.23b self forgiveness prayer


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I need to let go
of the need
for control

When I think I have everything handled
When I think I’ve got it all figured out
When I think I know the answers

I don’t.

I need to let go
of the need
for certainty

When I think I found the right path
When I think I am ready to charge ahead
When I think I see a perfect vision and purpose

I don’t.

Because certainty is an illusion
And looking for it
leads me into

Yet if I let God
do Her thing

If I let go of the need
for control
for certainty

Then all that I need

the desire
the power
the energy
the faith

All will be given to me
Just when I need it
Just how I need it
completely and beautifully
out of my control

philippians 2.13

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I’ve been doing a little thinking about boundary setting lately…



What is your perspective?

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You are a …
mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son,
leader, assistant, friend, teacher, student, counselor,
nurse, lover, fighter, musician, poet,
sister, brother, man, woman…

None of it defines who you are.
None of it speaks to your value or worth.

No matter what you do, no matter what roles you have in life

You have value just in being you.

(or ex)

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So I’m not perfect
Is that a surprise?
maybe only to myself.

In my mind
I know
that no one is perfect.
and yet
I expect myself to be?

I beat myself up
when I make a mistake
I agonize over what I 
should have

done differently.

I need to learn how to forgive myself
for not being perfect.

One of the hardest things to do
and yet
I know
it is a key
to a peaceful heart.

So I chose to forgive myself
And ask God to help me
release myself
from the need to be perfect
for today at least

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friendly conversation
chit chat


what’s that?
you don’t agree with my opinion?
uh – oh
what now?
why did I say that?
I must be wrong!
I must not know what I’m talking about!
I must find a way to fix this!


I don’t need to fix anything.
I’m allowed to have differing opinions.
It’s ok when we don’t agree.
What I think counts for something.

Because I count for something
I have value
I am loved

And even if God Himself disagrees with me,
He still loves me.

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Am I Valuable?

When I don’t know my value
When I don’t recognize
(or appreciate)
My own strengths and talents
My life is not all it could be.

My doubt of my worth has an impact on how I live my life.
My doubt of my worth has an impact on my interactions with others.
My doubt of my worth has an impact on God, and all He has planned for me.

I have a desire to live my life to the fullest.
No longer will I hold back.
It’s time.

Time to be open.
Time to take risks.
Time to acknowledge all that is good in me.
Time to offer my value to others.
Time to become all that I can be.

I am worth it
And so are you.

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