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I’ve been doing a little thinking about boundary setting lately…



What is your perspective?


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Being a good person
loving and caring

Being a good teacher
guiding and imparting

Being a good partner
considerate and helpful

Being a good provider
feeding and sheltering

Being a good coach
available and accountable

Being a good child
obedient and achieving

Being a good parent
shaping and modeling

Being a good friend
listening and encouraging

All good things
Yes, indeed

not one of my roles
not one of the things I do
no matter how “good”
I am at it
no matter how “bad”
I am at it
not one of these things
determines my worth

I have worth.
I have value.
No matter what.

I have value just for being me

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Why am I always
so focused on me?

focused on how I feel
or how you don’t

When was the last time
I asked about you?

Why am I sitting
in a deep hole
a pit
of myself

It’s dark in here
I am alone
focused on myself
on me me me

It’s time to bring in some light
and all I need to do
is ask about you

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Thankful for You

I am so
for you.

You emanate light
the radiance
of a new dawn

You bring life
to this world

joy and
laughter from the gut
learning and
growth of my soul
respect and
unconditional acceptance

who would I be
if I didn’t know you?

I can’t even imagine

no polish or shine
detached and distrusting
no friend to share the road
in darkness.

You are light.
You are a healing force.
You are joy.
You are beloved.
You are amazing.

I know hope,
I know blessing,
I know joy,
I know love,
I know you.

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friendly conversation
chit chat


what’s that?
you don’t agree with my opinion?
uh – oh
what now?
why did I say that?
I must be wrong!
I must not know what I’m talking about!
I must find a way to fix this!


I don’t need to fix anything.
I’m allowed to have differing opinions.
It’s ok when we don’t agree.
What I think counts for something.

Because I count for something
I have value
I am loved

And even if God Himself disagrees with me,
He still loves me.

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