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I know sometimes I’m not easy.
I am a complicated woman
who knows what
a good relationship
can look like,
and that colors
my expectations.
I’m not wooed by
sweet-sounding words,
bold professions of love,
or grand romantic gestures…
I’m actually quite leery of them.
I am slow to jump into big decisions;
I like to follow my heart and my brain.
I’m often too serious, guarded, and pensive.
Heartbreak, loss and pain shape my view.
It sometimes takes work
to love me.
But I love
with my
whole heart,
I’m loyal,
I’m fierce,
and I’m worth it.


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Thank you, Amazing Creator
for loving me
in a way
that no human could dothe only perfect love is God's love

For showing me
that I am worthy
of that love

That perfect love.

Yet any and every time
I try to find that perfect love
here on Earth
here in another person

I will be disappointed.

But it’s a reality that
we just can’t love
the way you can

we are flawed
sometimes selfish
often clueless

So I will
stop looking for
perfect love
in people

I will be satisfied
with finding it
only in you

And I will let people
be imperfect in their love
just like me.

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I’ve been doing a little thinking about boundary setting lately…



What is your perspective?

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Thank you for joining me this month for the celebration of
i AM complete

as the month comes to a close, i want to remember:

no man, woman or child is needed to make me whole

no romantic comedy, or fairy tale, paints the real picture for me

i do not need to be rescued for a happily ever after

real love is kind, sincere, patient, never resents, and always apologizes

the roles i have in my life, no matter how well i do them, do not complete me

and God love me more than i can imagine, no matter what i do

i don’t need to be anything different
i don’t need to have anything different
i don’t need to do anything differently

because of God’s grace
i am a beautiful image of Him
just as i am.

i rest
and know
i am complete.

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Happily ever after
doesn’t look like the movies
doesn’t look like the fairy tales

Happily ever after
is not being swept off my feet
without a care in the world
my every need met
without speaking a word

Happily ever after
is when I express my needs
not expecting others to guess them

Happily ever after
is when we both put in
the time
the communication
the thoughtfulness
the work

But mostly

Happily ever after
is what I choose to make it
because I’m in charge
of my own story.

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Ok, a little reality check.
Love is amazing.
Love comes in all forms.
To feel love in some form is a necessity in our lives.

But love is not all we need.

And when we start thinking this way
we are in for big disappointment.

A possible song title:
“Communication, patience, understanding, compassion,
humor, practicality, a sense of responsibility,
and the knowledge that no one is going to
perfectly meet all my needs…
is all you need”

I don’t think that would have made the Top 40.

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What does love
feel like,
look like,
sound like
to you?

The answer will be so different for each of us…

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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Another romantic comedy
flits to my mind
the idea that someone would “See me as perfect”
creates fear of it’s own kind

It’s not endearing
to see a false version of me
It makes me feel pressure
and wonder who you want me to be

I am me
Perfection only in God’s eyes
let’s keep it real between us
no romanticized lies


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Coming down
from Valentine’s Day

met with sugar highs
chocolate narcosis

so much hype
leads to so much hangover

Did it turn out as hoped?
Did all the dreams get met?

Yesterday spent
giving love

I cradle my own heart

I choose me

I remember
i AM complete
just as I am

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real love
true love
selfless love
is in the heart
of each of us

it’s not about expectations
yours or mine
it’s not about the gifts we exchange
the surprises we give
or don’t

it’s about being open
being trusting
being trustworthy
never claiming
never resenting

just loving.


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