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A reminder today, for any day…

I am worthy
just as I am

I will not look to others
to define myself

I will not look to others
for acceptance and approval

I will not look to others
to justify or rationalize
any of my own
internal negativity

I am doing the best I can
with all that I have
in this moment
in this day
in this time
in this space

and that’s enough
because I’m enough

I am lovable
I am precious
I am beautiful
I am worthy.

I am enough


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When something
or someone
here on Earth

hurts me
oh so badly

their words or deeds
penetrate my soul

the betrayal of spirit
the helplessness and futility

wounds of the heart
that seem to bleed and ooze

I need to take a moment
to stop and think
instead of feel

because when someone is able to hurt me to the core
it could actually be a sign
of my own unhealthy attachment

of my own expectations
that THIS PERSON will fulfill my needs
that A PERSON could fulfilll my needs

When we are all
just people
trying to survive
trying to figure it out for ourselves

And when someone hurts me
betrays me
mocks me
forgets me
ignores me

It’s not about me

It’s about them
finding their own way
figuring out their own mess
living their own truth
dealing with their own demons

I need to let it go
because their actions
their behaviors
are not a reflection of me
or of my worth

and I’m the only one
who can choose
to stop internalizing
to stop owning their mess
to stop
hurting so badly

let them own it

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Being a good person
loving and caring

Being a good teacher
guiding and imparting

Being a good partner
considerate and helpful

Being a good provider
feeding and sheltering

Being a good coach
available and accountable

Being a good child
obedient and achieving

Being a good parent
shaping and modeling

Being a good friend
listening and encouraging

All good things
Yes, indeed

not one of my roles
not one of the things I do
no matter how “good”
I am at it
no matter how “bad”
I am at it
not one of these things
determines my worth

I have worth.
I have value.
No matter what.

I have value just for being me

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Only I can know my own experience.
Only I can know my own direction.

My path is probably different from yours –
it is mine after all.

Walk with me, add comfort and company,
but please, never tell me I’m doing it wrong.

I may not always be “right”
I may sometimes get a little lost
but that’s all
part of my journey
and none of it
is ever wrong

It’s my path
and only I
can say where it goes.

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I am told
or sometimes tell myself
how I see things
is different from
how anyone else sees things
so it must not be right

But that’s a lie.

A lie told in my head
or to my face
that says “I’m different”
I’m just being “dramatic”
I’m just being “out there”
I’m just being “silly”

and so my thoughts and feelings
are discounted
I am dismissed by those
around me
or by me

but my feelings are important
my experiences have brought me
to them
I can have insight
I can have wisdom
I do have knowledge
based on those experiences
based on how I see things

and I don’t think I’m that different after all.

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You can’t make me

say any certain words

feel any certain feelings

think any certain thoughts

look any certain style

act any certain way

be any certain woman

You can
beach stroll by Matthew Bowden“help”

but still

You can’t
make me

I choose
my actions

I choose
to know
who I am

separate from
who you think
I am

connected to
who God thinks
I am

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I am perfectEvery time I get excited about something creative I am doing,
When I get energized and encouraged,

A short time later, I see how someone else is doing the same thing.
Only, Sara is doing it better
Gina is doing it more often
Marie has been doing it longer

An evil little voice inside says…
They must be more in line with God‘s path.

That’s a lie.

God has an individualized plan for each and every one of us.  He doesn’t look at us standing next to Sara, Gina, or Marie and say, “hmmm – if only you were as good as Gina…”

God has a desire for a special and personal relationship with ME.
He cares about ME. He wants to know ME.

Comparison is the thief of Joy.
I will remember this today and KEEP my Joy.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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