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Happily ever after
doesn’t look like the movies
doesn’t look like the fairy tales

Happily ever after
is not being swept off my feet
without a care in the world
my every need met
without speaking a word

Happily ever after
is when I express my needs
not expecting others to guess them

Happily ever after
is when we both put in
the time
the communication
the thoughtfulness
the work

But mostly

Happily ever after
is what I choose to make it
because I’m in charge
of my own story.


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I do not need someone to rescue me
I am capable of
making sure I am cared for and loved
making sure I am safe and secure

in fact – here I am 🙂

I can charge ahead on my own majestic horse
lift my own circumstances
free myself from negative influences
connect with the power of God
in me
and rescue myself
I deserve it and I can do it

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