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not by valentine's dayValentine’s Day
doesn’t have to be
just for lovers

It doesn’t have to be
about being part of a couple

It doesn’t have to be
a symbol of romance

It doesn’t have to be
a “Singles Awareness Day”

It doesn’t have to be
a day of comparison
a day of proving one’s love
a day of relationship status

It doesn’t have to be
a day of wistfulness
a day of longing
a day of regrets

Valentine’s Day 
can be anything you want it to be
and that’s all that matters 
about it

It can be a day of gratitude
thankful for loved ones in our lives

It can be a day of self-care
pampering and peace

It can be a day of laughter
friendship and joy

It can be a day of
knowing and remembering
that you are loved
by your Creator
with a love beyond
any love you can imagine

You are loved


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I’ve been doing this little series of love notes from God
on the Facebook page lately.

What little notes does God whisper to your heart?

03.10 Slide1

03.14 Slide2

notes from God6

notes from God

notes from God5

notes from God4

03.27 Slide3

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real love
true love
selfless love
is in the heart
of each of us

it’s not about expectations
yours or mine
it’s not about the gifts we exchange
the surprises we give
or don’t

it’s about being open
being trusting
being trustworthy
never claiming
never resenting

just loving.


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I think I know what love is

Am I swept off my feet?
Is there magic in the air?
Butterflies in my belly?
Chemistry when we kiss?

But that spark is not love
when accompanied by disrespect

True Love always protects
True Love always enables trust
True Love always
cherishes, holds, supports, accepts

and I will settle for nothing less

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