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Another romantic comedy
flits to my mind
the idea that someone would “See me as perfect”
creates fear of it’s own kind

It’s not endearing
to see a false version of me
It makes me feel pressure
and wonder who you want me to be

I am me
Perfection only in God’s eyes
let’s keep it real between us
no romanticized lies


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Coming down
from Valentine’s Day

met with sugar highs
chocolate narcosis

so much hype
leads to so much hangover

Did it turn out as hoped?
Did all the dreams get met?

Yesterday spent
giving love

I cradle my own heart

I choose me

I remember
i AM complete
just as I am

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real love
true love
selfless love
is in the heart
of each of us

it’s not about expectations
yours or mine
it’s not about the gifts we exchange
the surprises we give
or don’t

it’s about being open
being trusting
being trustworthy
never claiming
never resenting

just loving.


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We spend a lot of time in our lives
looking for the perfect love
or trying to create it with our partner

but only God’s love is perfect
will meet every need
fill every space
and He does love you
no matter what

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It is so easy

to get confused

to blur the lines

to use sex
in place of love

to fill a void

to feel good

But it usually
doesn’t work out
that way

So, I will look for the fine line
that separates love and sex
I see that sex can be part of love
but they are not the same
and I will know the difference

I am valuable
for more than
my body
for more than
how I make you feel

and I am complete
as I am.

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Getting caught up in the “romance” around us?

Here’s to keeping some healthy perspective!

I will not let unrealistic expectations cloud my view of life.
I am loved. I am valuable. I am complete.

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I think I know what love is

Am I swept off my feet?
Is there magic in the air?
Butterflies in my belly?
Chemistry when we kiss?

But that spark is not love
when accompanied by disrespect

True Love always protects
True Love always enables trust
True Love always
cherishes, holds, supports, accepts

and I will settle for nothing less

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