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We spend a lot of time in our lives
looking for the perfect love
or trying to create it with our partner

but only God’s love is perfect
will meet every need
fill every space
and He does love you
no matter what

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It is so easy

to get confused

to blur the lines

to use sex
in place of love

to fill a void

to feel good

But it usually
doesn’t work out
that way

So, I will look for the fine line
that separates love and sex
I see that sex can be part of love
but they are not the same
and I will know the difference

I am valuable
for more than
my body
for more than
how I make you feel

and I am complete
as I am.

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Getting caught up in the “romance” around us?

Here’s to keeping some healthy perspective!

I will not let unrealistic expectations cloud my view of life.
I am loved. I am valuable. I am complete.

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I think I know what love is

Am I swept off my feet?
Is there magic in the air?
Butterflies in my belly?
Chemistry when we kiss?

But that spark is not love
when accompanied by disrespect

True Love always protects
True Love always enables trust
True Love always
cherishes, holds, supports, accepts

and I will settle for nothing less

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In the classic movie – Love Story
one of the worst lines ever uttered
and proclaimed to be romantic:

~ Love means never having to say you’re sorry ~

excuse me, huh?
in what world
is that ok?

If you love me
and you hurt me
You need to be sorry
You need to mean it

That’s what love is
Care for me
Respect me
and my feelings
Think before you

And definitely,
most assuredly, most respectfully, most humbly, most lovingly
say when you are sorry.

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yes i have flaws
yes i have issues
yes i have hurts
yes i have needs
yes i have wants

all of it makes me loveable


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Thank you Lord for loving me
In a way that no human could do
You are perfect
Your love is perfect

I can’t comprehend how glorious you are
I scratch the surface of you
I can’t comprehend how lucky I am
and have you in my life
to know you
to be loved by you

thank you for your perfect love

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one part of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you are a jerk
I must hate you now

two parts of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I am so naive
and I seem so strong

a heaping tablespoon  of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you act a fool
and I’m suddenly weak

a dash of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I forgive your silly ways
how did I think you were a jerk?

Mix, mash, whip furiously for 90 minutes to get:

ooh, la la
we are suddenly in love

and the world is perfect.

not quite reality.

Relationships take real work, not an easy-bake oven.

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Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is hopeful

Do I love myself?

Am I patient when I make mistakes?
Am I kind when I don’t meet my expectations?
Am I hopeful about all I will achieve?

Why does it seem easier to do this for someone else than myself?
Is it easier to love others than ourselves?

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You cannot have me at hello.

I have more value
I deserve more respect
I respect myself
far too much

To allow your cute face and sweet talk
to make me forget my worth.

You cannot have me at hello.

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