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Happily ever after
doesn’t look like the movies
doesn’t look like the fairy tales

Happily ever after
is not being swept off my feet
without a care in the world
my every need met
without speaking a word

Happily ever after
is when I express my needs
not expecting others to guess them

Happily ever after
is when we both put in
the time
the communication
the thoughtfulness
the work

But mostly

Happily ever after
is what I choose to make it
because I’m in charge
of my own story.


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Another romantic comedy
flits to my mind
the idea that someone would “See me as perfect”
creates fear of it’s own kind

It’s not endearing
to see a false version of me
It makes me feel pressure
and wonder who you want me to be

I am me
Perfection only in God’s eyes
let’s keep it real between us
no romanticized lies


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In the classic movie – Love Story
one of the worst lines ever uttered
and proclaimed to be romantic:

~ Love means never having to say you’re sorry ~

excuse me, huh?
in what world
is that ok?

If you love me
and you hurt me
You need to be sorry
You need to mean it

That’s what love is
Care for me
Respect me
and my feelings
Think before you

And definitely,
most assuredly, most respectfully, most humbly, most lovingly
say when you are sorry.

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one part of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you are a jerk
I must hate you now

two parts of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I am so naive
and I seem so strong

a heaping tablespoon  of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you act a fool
and I’m suddenly weak

a dash of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I forgive your silly ways
how did I think you were a jerk?

Mix, mash, whip furiously for 90 minutes to get:

ooh, la la
we are suddenly in love

and the world is perfect.

not quite reality.

Relationships take real work, not an easy-bake oven.

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You cannot have me at hello.

I have more value
I deserve more respect
I respect myself
far too much

To allow your cute face and sweet talk
to make me forget my worth.

You cannot have me at hello.

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