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Oh Creator,
Give me the desire and the ability

to forgive myself

for times of being unaware
and not seeing things as clearly as I do now

for times of seeing acceptance
in people instead of you

for times of being naive
getting caught in someone’s snares

for times my words or actions
didn’t match who I want myself to be

for times of being human
needing space to learn and heal

for times of needing help
letting go of past hurts and old patterns

Give me the ability, desire, and the courage
to be compassionate with myself
to take steps forward
to believe I am worthy
just as I am.

04.23b self forgiveness prayer


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Hello Know My Worth lovelies!

I’m taking a little break from poetry today to let you know
I’m planning another Know My Worth workshop, set to begin on April 1st.


28 days with weekly themes, daily coaching exercises and activities, and a small group setting to create a close-knit and safe place to share and learn together.

Weekly topics include: Examining our Worth foundation, Overcoming Shame, Finding the Forgiveness, and Letting go of Control.

If you are interested, please visit my Worth And Wisdom website for more details and registration!

Wishing each of you to know how worthy,
how beautiful, how treasured and precious you are –
no matter what!

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When something
or someone
here on Earth

hurts me
oh so badly

their words or deeds
penetrate my soul

the betrayal of spirit
the helplessness and futility

wounds of the heart
that seem to bleed and ooze

I need to take a moment
to stop and think
instead of feel

because when someone is able to hurt me to the core
it could actually be a sign
of my own unhealthy attachment

of my own expectations
that THIS PERSON will fulfill my needs
that A PERSON could fulfilll my needs

When we are all
just people
trying to survive
trying to figure it out for ourselves

And when someone hurts me
betrays me
mocks me
forgets me
ignores me

It’s not about me

It’s about them
finding their own way
figuring out their own mess
living their own truth
dealing with their own demons

I need to let it go
because their actions
their behaviors
are not a reflection of me
or of my worth

and I’m the only one
who can choose
to stop internalizing
to stop owning their mess
to stop
hurting so badly

let them own it

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1337950_45020022Stop being so mean
saying such horrible things
squelching the spirit
paralyzing with doubt
creating a life of insecurity

Stop being so cruel
aggressive and angry
ripping apart dreams
tearing open old wounds
with smug satisfaction

Stop being so harmful
your unhealthy coping
never satisfies the ache
only leaving you empty
or full
of regret

Stop being so critical
so quick to judge
refusing to be kind
or forgiving
for even the tiniest of things

Stop living in the past
accepting only negative interpretations
of how things are
or were
and how you are to blame

Stop it!
I say to myself
with hope
that this time
I will listen

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I'm worth it - dreams

Im worth it - mistakes

I'm worth it - heal

I'm worth it - kindness

What time is it for you?

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Why didn’t you…
Do what I needed you to do
Say what I needed to hear
Think about what I needed
Love me

Why didn’t you…
care about anyone
other than yourself

Why didn’t you…
lift me up
instead of tear me down

Why didn’t you…
keep your promises
or take care of me

Why didn’t you…
fix it
when you had
so many chances

Why didn’t you…
listen to my cries and
hear my heart breaking
as my world shattered
my life forever colored

Why didn’t you…
love me?

The hurt
The rage
They will not rule me

It doesn’t matter
what you did
or what you didn’t do
I have value.

God listens to my cries
and holds me tight

God uses my shattered colors
to paint a beautiful canvas

God honors me and loves me
for exactly who I am
even with the hurt
even with the rage

God sees my worth
even when you
even when I

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I forgive those who trespass against me
as I have been forgiven

Whatever the crime may be

I must let go
of anger and resentment
in my heart

I must let go
of the need for fairness and justice
in my head

For with these
I could be consumed
even if I’m careful

Resentment is a poison
that I will not swallow

I will forgive

I will forgive
and yet
I will not forget

I will not easily allow you
to hurt me again
– not said with bitterness
but with a keen understanding of
how I have been hurt
how to avoid being hurt
and how I deserve to be treated.

I will forgive
and I will be healed.

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Am I kind to myself?

Or am I harsh with the words I repeat in my head?

Am I critical of me?

Or can I be gentle when I fail?


Being able to love myself for who I am starts with kindness to myself

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Even though you didn’t…

Treat kindly
Encourage unabashedly
Think thoughtfully
Protect fiercely
Wait patiently
Speak sweetly
Touch gently
Listen compassionately
Give unselfishly
Trust completely
Love unconditionally

And I deserve it

God can do it

You’re not perfect
I’m not perfect

But with God’s love
and grace

I’m ok anyway

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So I’m not perfect
Is that a surprise?
maybe only to myself.

In my mind
I know
that no one is perfect.
and yet
I expect myself to be?

I beat myself up
when I make a mistake
I agonize over what I 
should have

done differently.

I need to learn how to forgive myself
for not being perfect.

One of the hardest things to do
and yet
I know
it is a key
to a peaceful heart.

So I chose to forgive myself
And ask God to help me
release myself
from the need to be perfect
for today at least

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