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What does it mean
to live in grace?

Does it mean…

that I no longer do anything wrongLiving in grace
or anything hurtful

that I sit in complete peace
never angry or hurt

that I am always kind
to myself and others

that I am free from feelings of


Well, no.

But it does mean

that my chains
to those feelings
can be broken

with a choice.

I can choose
to forgive
to be kind
to be peaceful
to be loving
to be joyful
to be patient
to be grateful

with others

because once we accept grace
for ourselves
we have an unlimited
amount to give
to others

And we will find ourselves
more often kind
more often peaceful
more often free

We just start by
choosing it.

choice for grace


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Ding Dong.ding dong

I’m here.
I’m at the house.
I’m ready to go in.

Or am I?

For as soon as I do
will I remember

who I am?

Will I be labeled
with my past
with my mistakes
with my dark times?

Will I be labeled
with old nicknames
with old jokes
with old embarrassing stories?

Failed expectations
of who I am “supposed to” be

Will I fall into
the role of child
of black sheep
of petulant teen?

Will I fall into
old habits
old patterns
old thinking?

Will I remember
all I have become
all I have learned
all that has changed

All that I am?

I must.
I can.

I will.

I will set boundaries.
I will stand up for myself kindly and openly.
I will take a deep breath whenever I need to.
I will remember my worth.

Ding Dong.

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How was your weekend?
Oh, pretty good
didn’t do much
just hung about

cha cha chathe dance

How was your day?
Same ol’, same ol
pretty busy
lots of sitting

twist left, twirl right

What will you be doing tomorrow?
Did you have a good weekend?
What’s been happening?
What’s the weather going to be like?
What’s going on with
everyone else?

The dance continues

step together, step apart

superficial questions
artificial responses
avoiding the hulking elephant
planted firmly in this space

we know he’s there
we see him clearly
we step lively in circles
to keep clear of his path

leap, point, glide, arms extend

The dance continues

for if I mention the elephant
it might cause a ruckus
if I point and shout
it certainly would
create a scene

and that could make this
even more unbearable
than it currently is

or we just might get a chance
to guide him out of the room

But for now,
for today,
the dance continues

synchronized pirouettes
around the elephant


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I was given this message today
in more ways than one

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I'm worth it - dreams

Im worth it - mistakes

I'm worth it - heal

I'm worth it - kindness

What time is it for you?

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I’m gonna
let my light shine

this little light

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It’s been a year
since I cut you from my life

It was important to see you go
I needed to say goodbye

You were no good for me
What you made me do
was poisonous
What you made me feel
was just an escape

The last several years
I kept you a secret
sneaking in a moment or two with you
whenever I could be unseen
be undiscovered

But oh
how I do miss you at times!
You brought me comfort
and made me feel safe
when I felt anxious or unsure
you were a part of my every day

But the safety was false
the security wasn’t true
You actually heightened my anxiety
and made me unwell

And so you had to go
because I knew
you were no good for me
You didn’t align
with who I am
or what I value
You weren’t meant to be a part of who I am
and I needed to say goodbye

Thanks for the good times
but I’m glad you are gone
dear cigarettes


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Thankful for You

I am so
for you.

You emanate light
the radiance
of a new dawn

You bring life
to this world

joy and
laughter from the gut
learning and
growth of my soul
respect and
unconditional acceptance

who would I be
if I didn’t know you?

I can’t even imagine

no polish or shine
detached and distrusting
no friend to share the road
in darkness.

You are light.
You are a healing force.
You are joy.
You are beloved.
You are amazing.

I know hope,
I know blessing,
I know joy,
I know love,
I know you.

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We will be healed.

It may not be exactly
how we think it should be

how it should look
when it should happen
what should be gone
what should be forgotten

but He is there
and He will hold you
through it all
and we will be healed.

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