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Oh glorious Creator,

You love me
when I am feeling (or acting) unlovable.

You hear me
when my thoughts are a jumbled mess.You love me when

You see me
when I try to hide in shame.

You love me
when I am moody and selfish.

You hold me
when I grieve devastating loss.

You protect me
when I am attacked by fear.

You love me
when I am afraid and alone.

You comfort me
when I don’t even know I’m sad.

You know me
when I am a confusing puddle to myself.

You love me
no matter what

I am

that you do.


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Today I am honored to be a guest blogger
over at The Monster in Your Closet.

If you don’t yet know Deborah,
she is a funny, authentic, loving soul
who most recently made me
both grin and weep with
Seeing my dog again, thanks to L’il D

My contribution
to her thankfulness campaign
is an ode to Hunger,
for in spite of fears about it
I am thankful for it.

I hope you enjoy it,
and get to know a little bit of Deb
while you’re there

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It’s been a year
since I cut you from my life

It was important to see you go
I needed to say goodbye

You were no good for me
What you made me do
was poisonous
What you made me feel
was just an escape

The last several years
I kept you a secret
sneaking in a moment or two with you
whenever I could be unseen
be undiscovered

But oh
how I do miss you at times!
You brought me comfort
and made me feel safe
when I felt anxious or unsure
you were a part of my every day

But the safety was false
the security wasn’t true
You actually heightened my anxiety
and made me unwell

And so you had to go
because I knew
you were no good for me
You didn’t align
with who I am
or what I value
You weren’t meant to be a part of who I am
and I needed to say goodbye

Thanks for the good times
but I’m glad you are gone
dear cigarettes


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