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Why do I
sometimes feel

for the things
that make me

for the things
that make me

God loves
those things
about me

even when they aren’t pretty


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We will be healed.

It may not be exactly
how we think it should be

how it should look
when it should happen
what should be gone
what should be forgotten

but He is there
and He will hold you
through it all
and we will be healed.

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O God, praise your name!
I am blessed to know you
To be able to talk with you

To know you listen
to my words and cries
To know you care
about the simple things I ponder

You bring comfort to me
You lift me in times of sadness
You celebrate with me in times of joy

You know my weaknesses
and love me anyway

You see me
as perfect
as the robes of your Son
cover me

Your grace
coats my flesh
sealing my skin
in radiant light

I am covered by you
I am loved by you
I am blessed

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You can’t make me

say any certain words

feel any certain feelings

think any certain thoughts

look any certain style

act any certain way

be any certain woman

You can
beach stroll by Matthew Bowden“help”

but still

You can’t
make me

I choose
my actions

I choose
to know
who I am

separate from
who you think
I am

connected to
who God thinks
I am

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Dear Heavenly Father,

A new year approaches

I thank you for the opportunity it brings

to see you better
to know you deeper
to let go of my need for control
let go of my need to know all the answers
before I even know the questions

another opportunity to start fresh

to learn something new
to love
to trust
to sing

to sit in your arms

Thank you for loving me
even though I don’t understand it all the time
I know it’s real
and I will cherish it.

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Even though you didn’t…

Treat kindly
Encourage unabashedly
Think thoughtfully
Protect fiercely
Wait patiently
Speak sweetly
Touch gently
Listen compassionately
Give unselfishly
Trust completely
Love unconditionally

And I deserve it

God can do it

You’re not perfect
I’m not perfect

But with God’s love
and grace

I’m ok anyway

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when things don’t go exactly as I thought they would go
for whatever reason

I attack myself.
I beat myself up.
I wonder why it happened
the way that it did,
and in the pit of myself,
believe that it’s my fault.

Expectations. Evil Expectations.

When they are not met,
by others
or myself

Somehow, that instantly reflects on my worth.
The self condemnation starts
It must be that I’m not good enough,
It must be that I did something wrong.

But that’s a lie.

I know the truth.
I know that no matter what I do,
No matter how I imagine things
No matter how things happen

I am loved.
I am valued.
I am precious.

And I don’t have to meet my own expectations,
or yours,
to be that way.

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Ever have those days
when you are just
feeling fat?

Clothes don’t fit their best
The mirror isn’t being kind
Energy is low
And you start picking on yourself

It’s not really about fatness
because it happens to us at any shape or size

It’s about self-worth
Knowing that we have value
regardless of

We have to break the cycle of negative self-talk
Stop listening to the lies
Stop getting sucked into the game

I have value
I have a beautiful soul
I am loved by God
I am cherished by God
He made me a perfect creation

I need to stay in touch with that love
share that love with others

focus on the things that are truly important
and get over myself

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His Grace

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you each day

For seeing my heart and bringing me joy

For knowing my fears and bringing me comfort

For always being with me

For loving me so dearly and seeing me as flawless

For wanting me to see myself as you do

Your Grace shines upon me

Your Glory shines through me

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