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Thank you God
for loving me
for giving your son
so that I may live

Thank you God
for renewing me
for wiping away the past
for cleaning my heart

Thank you God
for accepting me
with all my flaws
just as I am

Thank you God
for providing for me
food and shelter
and people who love

Thank you God
for listening to me
always by my side
I’m always in your arms

Thank you God
for being so amazing


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May the Lord bless and keep you
May His face shine upon you
May you experience His peace
May you feel His strength
May you hear His soothing voice
May you know His unconditional love

His love
is always there
We just have to reach out for it
Be open to it
Stop trying to control it
Stop pretending we can define it

God’s love is unconditional
no parameters
nothing you do to earn it
nothing you do can destroy it

Be who you are
just who you are
with no condemnation
for things you wish you could change

God doesn’t expect you to be perfect
(whatever that really is anyway)
He loves you
exactly as you are

He WILL bless and keep you
He WILL shine upon you
just let him

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Thank you for joining me this month for the celebration of
i AM complete

as the month comes to a close, i want to remember:

no man, woman or child is needed to make me whole

no romantic comedy, or fairy tale, paints the real picture for me

i do not need to be rescued for a happily ever after

real love is kind, sincere, patient, never resents, and always apologizes

the roles i have in my life, no matter how well i do them, do not complete me

and God love me more than i can imagine, no matter what i do

i don’t need to be anything different
i don’t need to have anything different
i don’t need to do anything differently

because of God’s grace
i am a beautiful image of Him
just as i am.

i rest
and know
i am complete.

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all that I experience
all that I do
all that I have been through
creates who I am

God knows
each event in my life
each experience I have
each moment I live

and all of it
is what helps me
be who I am
and know who He is

I am exactly who
who I was created to be
who I need to be
in this moment

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Thank you God
for loving me
in a way I can barely comprehend

Thank you God
for showing me
what love can truly be

Thank you God
for holding my hand
in times of sorrow or stress

Thank you God
for sharing my joy
in times of happiness and cheer

Thank you God
for loving
with unconditional

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How do we know if the love is real?  We are cherished for who we are.

Thank you, mama
for knowing what love should look like
for giving it with all your heart
for believing you deserve it in return

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I have a pretty good imagination

I can make up stories
about far away places
fairies and goblins
heroes and damsels

I can make up stories
that are closer to home
about what you are thinking
who you think you are
why you did what you did

But none of my stories
can touch
the wonder
the amazing story
about the depth
of God’s love

Thank you, Lord
for not being limited
to my imagination

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Can you love yourself for just who you are?

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We spend a lot of time in our lives
looking for the perfect love
or trying to create it with our partner

but only God’s love is perfect
will meet every need
fill every space
and He does love you
no matter what

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Thank you Lord for loving me
In a way that no human could do
You are perfect
Your love is perfect

I can’t comprehend how glorious you are
I scratch the surface of you
I can’t comprehend how lucky I am
and have you in my life
to know you
to be loved by you

thank you for your perfect love

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