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Dear Heavenly Father,

A new year approaches

I thank you for the opportunity it brings

to see you better
to know you deeper
to let go of my need for control
let go of my need to know all the answers
before I even know the questions

another opportunity to start fresh

to learn something new
to love
to trust
to sing

to sit in your arms

Thank you for loving me
even though I don’t understand it all the time
I know it’s real
and I will cherish it.


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It’s the time of year
for me to IMPROVE

So what will it be
this year…

eat more veggies?
exercise more?
read the entire bible?
quit a bad habit?
organize all the closets?
remodel the kitchen?
go back to school?
start a new hobby?
clean that garage?
finish a 1/2-done craft project?
get out of debt?
do more of this?
do less of that?


How about…
Be kind to myself.
Know that I am loved.
Sit in the arms of the Father.

this year
I will
know my worth.

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