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So many timesLetting Go
I act like I have to figure everything out
on my own

The burden rests on me
The answers must come
from me

Why don’t I know?
What’s wrong with me?
People are expecting me to know…

But really, they aren’t – I am.

I don’t have to know
I don’t have to figure everything out
I don’t have to know how it will all turn out

I have to turn it over to God.
I have to step away.
I have to stop trying to do it all myself.
I am not by myself.

God will take over; He will handle it
I just have to let him


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So I’m not perfect
Is that a surprise?
maybe only to myself.

In my mind
I know
that no one is perfect.
and yet
I expect myself to be?

I beat myself up
when I make a mistake
I agonize over what I 
should have

done differently.

I need to learn how to forgive myself
for not being perfect.

One of the hardest things to do
and yet
I know
it is a key
to a peaceful heart.

So I chose to forgive myself
And ask God to help me
release myself
from the need to be perfect
for today at least

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I am thankful

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His Grace

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you each day

For seeing my heart and bringing me joy

For knowing my fears and bringing me comfort

For always being with me

For loving me so dearly and seeing me as flawless

For wanting me to see myself as you do

Your Grace shines upon me

Your Glory shines through me

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friendly conversation
chit chat


what’s that?
you don’t agree with my opinion?
uh – oh
what now?
why did I say that?
I must be wrong!
I must not know what I’m talking about!
I must find a way to fix this!


I don’t need to fix anything.
I’m allowed to have differing opinions.
It’s ok when we don’t agree.
What I think counts for something.

Because I count for something
I have value
I am loved

And even if God Himself disagrees with me,
He still loves me.

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Celebrate Me?

Sometimes I struggle
when people make a fuss
It’s just my birthday after all.

Anxiety arises
with their best wishes

Don’t look at me
Don’t notice me
I can’t be worth this attention

But that’s a lie.

God created each of us to be unique and treasured.
I have no problem celebrating others,
It’s time to joyfully realize that I deserve the same.

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I am perfectEvery time I get excited about something creative I am doing,
When I get energized and encouraged,

A short time later, I see how someone else is doing the same thing.
Only, Sara is doing it better
Gina is doing it more often
Marie has been doing it longer

An evil little voice inside says…
They must be more in line with God‘s path.

That’s a lie.

God has an individualized plan for each and every one of us.  He doesn’t look at us standing next to Sara, Gina, or Marie and say, “hmmm – if only you were as good as Gina…”

God has a desire for a special and personal relationship with ME.
He cares about ME. He wants to know ME.

Comparison is the thief of Joy.
I will remember this today and KEEP my Joy.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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Why am I “Sorry?”

Why do I say “I’m sorry” when I have done nothing wrong?

It’s especially rotten when I say it
after you have hurt me
When you should be apologizing.

Do I feel guilt?
Do I feel shame?
Do I feel pity?

Something in me wants to make you feel better.
But what about how I feel?

I don’t have to be sorry when I have done nothing wrong.
I don’t have to be sorry when you hurt me.
I don’t have to accept the feelings of guilt, the feelings of shame, the feelings of pity.
Those feelings are toxic.

I will not allow you to try to make me to feel sorry when I have done nothing wrong.
I have value.

I’m not sorry
and that’s ok.

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