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Each new day
I get to choose
My slice of life
my outlook and views

So today will it be a slice of fresh fruit
juicy and sweet

or a slice of pizza
a soft, gooey treat

How about a slice of cake
filled with sugar and spice

or a slice of warm bread
comfortingly nice

Or maybe today
I’m feeling beat
so it’s a slice of old cheese
smelling of feet

You may chose differently
and you may judge my choice
But my slice is my decision
and it’s always my voice


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On those days
when life starts to overwhelm me
when I’m not sure I can handle
all that comes at me

I just need to remember
that with faith the size of a mustard seed
I can move mountains
and those mountains in my mind

God’s love washes over me
He wraps me tightly in his arms
He shields me with shining armor
and covers me with gentle flowing grace

Just the tiniest
of faith

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Every once in while
almost as if in a blue moon

I catch a glimpse
of me

a sideways look
an unintentional reflection
a view through another’s eyes
a magical moment in my own brain

and in this glimpse
I see myself
as God sees me

Covered in His glory
Shining His light
through my skin
Reflecting radiance
Pure light
and splendid color

I am whole
I am pure
I am loved and loveable
I am beautiful
I am innocent
I am His
and I am amazed

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Create in me a clean heart, O God
wash away my negative thoughts
scrub my mind to a sparkle

Renew my connection with you
holding me in your arms
gathering me in your lap
so that all I see
is you

Restore unto me
the joy of you
you have saved me
you have freed me
you love me

Remind me
of your grace
Remind me
of your love
Refresh my spirit
with your presence
You are always by my side

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I don’t have to be
to make the world a better place
to offer something
to you

My flaws
My mistakes
They will surface
often when I least expect them

And yet

making a mistake
doing it “wrong”
showing my imperfections
These are not reasons
to give up

these are opportunities
to be genuine
to be vulnerable
to try again

If I wait
to be perfect
or even “better

People will miss out on
all that I am today
and this gal
has something to give

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His grace surrounds you no matter what you do, or is done to you.
God cloaks you in His love, and hugs you tight.

♥ No shame, no guilt. ♥
No matter what.

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Hi God,
So, um, what’s the plan?
Where to next?
What steps to take?
What things do I need to do?

don’t you see
that if I know the plan
I can start?
I can start making lists
I can start fixing problems
I can start moving mountains
I can start doing…

I see.
You want me to rest in you.
You want me to hand it over to you.

you don’t need me to plan?
you don’t need me to fix?
You’ve got it handled?
You sure you don’t need my help?

I have some great ideas…

Oh, well, Ok.
I will wait.
I will be right here
I will let you
do your thing


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I will not feel pressured
to DO anything

I will work on just being
I will work on just relaxing

and that’s ok –
in fact, it’s perfect

Why do I find myself in judgment when I’m not “being productive”?

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I hate
feeling hurt
feeling stepped on
feeling overlooked
feeling left out
feeling betrayed
feeling cast aside
feeling put down
feeling teased
feeling ridiculed

feeling lost.

I love
feeling included
feeling valued
feeling special
feeling wanted
feeling encouraged
feeling smart
feeling funny
feeling important
feeling happy

feeling loved.

I know
I can’t have joy without being open to pain,
but when I hurt
God is there
to help me feel loved once again.

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Proverbs 3: 5-6

I understand
much of nothing

I trust
God to lead my life

I follow
the path He points to me

I rest
in His grace and love

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