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Irish Blessing


Sending you blessings, today and every day!

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I can change things about me
about how I interact
about how I process
about how I re-act

But if I am going to make any changes
I have to do it for me
because I want to

not for you
not because
you think I should
not because
you think
life would be
easier, better, happier
for me
(or maybe just you)

That’s your opinion
and unless I agree
and decide to make changes FOR me…

neither one of us will like me very much.

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all that I experience
all that I do
all that I have been through
creates who I am

God knows
each event in my life
each experience I have
each moment I live

and all of it
is what helps me
be who I am
and know who He is

I am exactly who
who I was created to be
who I need to be
in this moment

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I’m an Egg


use my brokenness
to lead me to you
to display your light through me
to connect to the brokenness in others
to make a lovely omelet in life…

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Today I choose thankfulness
Today I choose peace
Today I let go of worry
Today I breathe deeply

Today I reach my heart to the sky

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Why do I
sometimes feel

for the things
that make me

for the things
that make me

God loves
those things
about me

even when they aren’t pretty

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Hey self,
Gimme a break.

This is who I am today
and that’s ok
I don’t have to be “better”
I don’t have to have thingsĀ  “handled”
I don’t have to have it all “figured”
I don’t have to have it all in “control”

This is me
This is today
This is ok

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We will be healed.

It may not be exactly
how we think it should be

how it should look
when it should happen
what should be gone
what should be forgotten

but He is there
and He will hold you
through it all
and we will be healed.

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Dear God, help me enjoy today without anticipating difficulty
without worrying that something will go wrong
that expectations will not be met
that something will happen
that something, anything, everything…

Help me stop.
Help me rest in you
Help me give it all over to you

and I will enjoy this day you have made

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When I try to be everything for everyone else, I lose me
and that’s who they wanted in the first place

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