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I have a pretty good imagination

I can make up stories
about far away places
fairies and goblins
heroes and damsels

I can make up stories
that are closer to home
about what you are thinking
who you think you are
why you did what you did

But none of my stories
can touch
the wonder
the amazing story
about the depth
of God’s love

Thank you, Lord
for not being limited
to my imagination

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Can you love yourself for just who you are?

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What does love
feel like,
look like,
sound like
to you?

The answer will be so different for each of us…

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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There is freedom in His grace
it covers all that I am
all the mistakes that I make
all the wounds that I wear

When I actually stop
trying to do it all myself
and allow brokenness to bubble up
He handles everything

Lord, help me to remember
today and every day

I am complete
I am free
in you.

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I do not need someone to rescue me
I am capable of
making sure I am cared for and loved
making sure I am safe and secure

in fact – here I am 🙂

I can charge ahead on my own majestic horse
lift my own circumstances
free myself from negative influences
connect with the power of God
in me
and rescue myself
I deserve it and I can do it

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Another romantic comedy
flits to my mind
the idea that someone would “See me as perfect”
creates fear of it’s own kind

It’s not endearing
to see a false version of me
It makes me feel pressure
and wonder who you want me to be

I am me
Perfection only in God’s eyes
let’s keep it real between us
no romanticized lies


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You are a …
mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son,
leader, assistant, friend, teacher, student, counselor,
nurse, lover, fighter, musician, poet,
sister, brother, man, woman…

None of it defines who you are.
None of it speaks to your value or worth.

No matter what you do, no matter what roles you have in life

You have value just in being you.

(or ex)

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