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I got it wrong
and yet,
it is going to be ok

The world won’t stop spinning
Volcanoes won’t erupt
Storms won’t bring floods
The people who love me
will still love me

I expect
and need
to have all the answers
I expect
and need
to always be right

And when I’m not
when my info is wrong
when I make a mistake
when I do the wrong thing
I fall apart inside.
I don’t want to be rejected.

But here’s the truth: I don’t have to be right to have value.

My value isn’t based on
what I know
what I do
how smart I am
how often I am right
or wrong

I just have to be
just be me

to have value and worth
and yes,
the world will stay in orbit


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Lies reverberate
inside my head
as a familiar concert


Comments said in days gone by
become the station I tune in today

I watch
old stories dance in time,
linking arms with new experiences
pulling those fresh faces
onto a dance floor
coated with poison

The songs are
always the same:
I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough
I’m not … enough

Why do I continue to play
these dissonant melodies?

Do these sad sounds
somehow bring me comfort
with their familiar tune?

this chorus
is filled
with lies
I need to stop
replaying the verses.

New experiences must
lead a contemporary tango
What I hear and know today must
become the orchestral swell

I am enough
Just as I am
Just for who I am
Just because I am


Old stories,
Old comments,
are played-out tunes
no longer welcome in this dance hall.

It’s time for new music
a new melody
a new dance

and to stop listening to the lies

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On those days
when life starts to overwhelm me
when I’m not sure I can handle
all that comes at me

I just need to remember
that with faith the size of a mustard seed
I can move mountains
and those mountains in my mind

God’s love washes over me
He wraps me tightly in his arms
He shields me with shining armor
and covers me with gentle flowing grace

Just the tiniest
of faith

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Every once in while
almost as if in a blue moon

I catch a glimpse
of me

a sideways look
an unintentional reflection
a view through another’s eyes
a magical moment in my own brain

and in this glimpse
I see myself
as God sees me

Covered in His glory
Shining His light
through my skin
Reflecting radiance
Pure light
and splendid color

I am whole
I am pure
I am loved and loveable
I am beautiful
I am innocent
I am His
and I am amazed

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Create in me a clean heart, O God
wash away my negative thoughts
scrub my mind to a sparkle

Renew my connection with you
holding me in your arms
gathering me in your lap
so that all I see
is you

Restore unto me
the joy of you
you have saved me
you have freed me
you love me

Remind me
of your grace
Remind me
of your love
Refresh my spirit
with your presence
You are always by my side

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Hello gentle readers!

Just want to pop in to tell you
I’ve added a new page to my blog,
and it’s for my book!

I have published a little book of quotes and questions
that reflect on your life journey
and it’s now available on Amazon.com

Motivational Mondays on Amazon

I hope you will take a look
and let me know what you think.

Already in the works is another,
focused on self worth.
wonder where that idea came from?

thank you
for all your support
for reading my words
and joining me on this journey
God bless you!


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I don’t have to be
to make the world a better place
to offer something
to you

My flaws
My mistakes
They will surface
often when I least expect them

And yet

making a mistake
doing it “wrong”
showing my imperfections
These are not reasons
to give up

these are opportunities
to be genuine
to be vulnerable
to try again

If I wait
to be perfect
or even “better

People will miss out on
all that I am today
and this gal
has something to give

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I want
to just feel
sorry for myself

Oh, poor me.

I don’t have this
I don’t have that
or even more likely…
I didn’t have this
I didn’t have that

I was robbed
I was cheated
I don’t want this portion
Life is unfair

Oh, poor me.

Hey, snap out of it!

All the things I didn’t have
All the memories that aren’t ideal
All the mistakes that have been made
All the experiences, good and bad
All of the challenges I face each day

All of it

Creates the woman I am today
and I like me
except when I’m whining
about oh, poor me

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