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I got it wrong
and yet,
it is going to be ok

The world won’t stop spinning
Volcanoes won’t erupt
Storms won’t bring floods
The people who love me
will still love me

I expect
and need
to have all the answers
I expect
and need
to always be right

And when I’m not
when my info is wrong
when I make a mistake
when I do the wrong thing
I fall apart inside.
I don’t want to be rejected.

But here’s the truth: I don’t have to be right to have value.

My value isn’t based on
what I know
what I do
how smart I am
how often I am right
or wrong

I just have to be
just be me

to have value and worth
and yes,
the world will stay in orbit

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When I make a mistake
or even when someone else does
I suddenly take on these intense feelings
of responsibility
of shame
of fear

I am suddenly the guilty party
I assume all the blame
I shoulda done something differently
I shoulda said something else
I shoulda known better
I shoulda kept you from…

Oh, so sorry!
Sorry I said that mistakenly!
Sorry I did that accidentally!
Sorry that happened to you!
Sorry I didn’t step in and stop you!
Sorry I didn’t fix it before it was even broken!

Why do I think I have to be perfect?

It’s not my fault
It’s not your fault

In fact –
There doesn’t HAVE TO BE fault.

wow. Can I really believe that?
with God’s help
with God’s grace

Mistakes aren’t the end of the world
Not when I make them
Not when you make them

They are just mistakes
We learn
and move on

No need to
feel stupid
or rejectable

No need to
assume any blame
beat myself down
for having not anticipated the situation
for not being perfect

It was just a mistake
And NO
it’s not all my fault.

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