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I am free from
should and ought to

I am released from

I no longer need
<to pretend>
to be
a superhero
a perfect person
the protector

I am free from
being always at the ready
being anxious about others’ needs

I am free
from needing to be
anything other than
imperfect me

For I am a child of God
covered by His grace
shining with His light

And so
I am free
to laugh
to feel joy
to be flawed
to love
to be loved
to cry when I am sad
to be broken when I hurt
to be fierce with no regrets


❤ Happy birthday, M  – you are free ❤


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His grace surrounds you no matter what you do, or is done to you.
God cloaks you in His love, and hugs you tight.

♥ No shame, no guilt. ♥
No matter what.

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Hi God,
So, um, what’s the plan?
Where to next?
What steps to take?
What things do I need to do?

don’t you see
that if I know the plan
I can start?
I can start making lists
I can start fixing problems
I can start moving mountains
I can start doing…

I see.
You want me to rest in you.
You want me to hand it over to you.

you don’t need me to plan?
you don’t need me to fix?
You’ve got it handled?
You sure you don’t need my help?

I have some great ideas…

Oh, well, Ok.
I will wait.
I will be right here
I will let you
do your thing


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Dear God,

I know that sometimes you meet me
in the places I least expect
and how I think things should be
is not always the way you think they should be

So, I humbly ask you to just
be with me through this
I refuse to see myself as less than anyone else
because of this
but ask that you be with me, and meet me where I am

Help me to know that your plans are bigger
than what i think they should be
and that maybe
you will use these experiences in my life
to help others
and to bring me closer to you

And so when I feel sad
when I am depressed or anxious
I will not pray for healing
I will not pray for it to be lifted

I will sit in my feelings
knowing there is nothing wrong with them
I will accept your timing
and rejoice in my experiences
and know
there is nothing wrong with me

♥ Amen ♥

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I see you
for you

are amazing

Who you are
your love
your compassion
your heart
your mind

you make an impact
you make a difference
you light up this world
in ways you may never know

no more
sitting back
peeking at life

it’s time to shine
you are amazing
I see you

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