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Thankful for You

I am so
for you.

You emanate light
the radiance
of a new dawn

You bring life
to this world

joy and
laughter from the gut
learning and
growth of my soul
respect and
unconditional acceptance

who would I be
if I didn’t know you?

I can’t even imagine

no polish or shine
detached and distrusting
no friend to share the road
in darkness.

You are light.
You are a healing force.
You are joy.
You are beloved.
You are amazing.

I know hope,
I know blessing,
I know joy,
I know love,
I know you.


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Psalm 23

This biblical heart song has always been comforting, and last week I broke it into pieces on facebook with some of my own photos.  I thought I would share those posters here with you now. I hope you enjoy. Blessings!

❤ Amen ❤

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Was it all my imagination?

All that time
I thought you cared about me

But maybe you only cared
about how I made you feel
how I helped you
how I listened to you
how it was always a focus
on you you you

Did you even know me?
Did you even like me?
for me?

There were times
I did share things with you
I did talk about my feelings
my hopes and my dreams
I know it wasn’t all bad
Sometimes you cared,

Why do I miss you?
Do I really, or
Do I miss being needed
and taking care of you

So why do I miss you?
Why does my heart ache?

I don’t think I ever felt valued
for being me
only for what I did for you

is that just the reaction I feel
the color of the memories
in my grief

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My prayer for you

that you know
you are loved
without conditions
without expectations

that you know
you are worthy
of all things good
and beautiful
and happy

that you feel
God’s love
wrap around you softly
a grandmother’s arms
and sweet kisses
on your head

that you know
how fiercely
God protects you
how He watches you closely
yet lets you run free
a child on a playground
under the watchful eyes
of a loving mom

that you know
you are beautiful
you are unique
you are loved
and for you I pray

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