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Was it all my imagination?

All that time
I thought you cared about me

But maybe you only cared
about how I made you feel
how I helped you
how I listened to you
how it was always a focus
on you you you

Did you even know me?
Did you even like me?
for me?

There were times
I did share things with you
I did talk about my feelings
my hopes and my dreams
I know it wasn’t all bad
Sometimes you cared,

Why do I miss you?
Do I really, or
Do I miss being needed
and taking care of you

So why do I miss you?
Why does my heart ache?

I don’t think I ever felt valued
for being me
only for what I did for you

is that just the reaction I feel
the color of the memories
in my grief


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I’m sad.

I know I should be sad
And in many ways I am

But not in the ways –
Not for the things –
I amĀ supposed to be.

I am sad for what wasn’t
not for the loss of what was

I am sad for the lost opportunities
I am sad for the relationship
that never really was

I am sad that my expectations
of what we could have been
were never realized.

Yes, I am sad.

And how my sadness manifests…
Well, there is no right way
There is no wrong way.

People grieve in different ways
People grieve for different things
Whose to say we aren’t all grieving
for what could have been?

I do know
that God sits right next to us
when we are sad.
No matter the reason, He sits.
He loves.
He hugs.

And it’s ok to be sad
for what could have been.

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