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one part of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you are a jerk
I must hate you now

two parts of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I am so naive
and I seem so strong

a heaping tablespoon  of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
you act a fool
and I’m suddenly weak

a dash of:

oh, ha ha ha ha
I forgive your silly ways
how did I think you were a jerk?

Mix, mash, whip furiously for 90 minutes to get:

ooh, la la
we are suddenly in love

and the world is perfect.

not quite reality.

Relationships take real work, not an easy-bake oven.


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February is all about love, isn’t it?  Whether you are a hopeless romantic or believe Valentine’s day is a Hallmark holiday, thoughts of love fill the air during the month.

For anyone who struggles with seeing their own value, February can be a difficult month.  Romantic movies lead us to believe that we need someone to “Complete Me.”

So, for this month of love, I am going to post photos and messages daily on the Know My Worth blog and Facebook page to remind ourselves “I AM COMPLETE.”  We are already whole, and no man, woman, or child can complete us. My challenge to you this next month is to remember it.

Invite your friends! I do hope you join in with me and the Know My Worth community on the blog or Facebook page, sharing your thoughts and encouragements. Much love to you~

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