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I hate
feeling hurt
feeling stepped on
feeling overlooked
feeling left out
feeling betrayed
feeling cast aside
feeling put down
feeling teased
feeling ridiculed

feeling lost.

I love
feeling included
feeling valued
feeling special
feeling wanted
feeling encouraged
feeling smart
feeling funny
feeling important
feeling happy

feeling loved.

I know
I can’t have joy without being open to pain,
but when I hurt
God is there
to help me feel loved once again.

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all that I experience
all that I do
all that I have been through
creates who I am

God knows
each event in my life
each experience I have
each moment I live

and all of it
is what helps me
be who I am
and know who He is

I am exactly who
who I was created to be
who I need to be
in this moment

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You are loved
today and every day!

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

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Today I choose thankfulness
Today I choose peace
Today I let go of worry
Today I breathe deeply

Today I reach my heart to the sky

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Dear God, help me enjoy today without anticipating difficulty
without worrying that something will go wrong
that expectations will not be met
that something will happen
that something, anything, everything…

Help me stop.
Help me rest in you
Help me give it all over to you

and I will enjoy this day you have made

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