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Sideways glances
through narrowed eyes

Angry thoughts
of fairness
and pride

Resentful bile
swelling in the gut

Words choking my throat
I would never want to say
and feel ashamed to be thinking

Jealousy. The Green Eyed Monster

But I can make a choice
and jealousy
or envy
will not rule
my life
my thoughts
my body

I will conquer
the Green-Eyed Monster
and wish everyone well
and be happy for other’s success

without making it about me.

For I will change my focus
and see the light
in me
see the beauty
in me
see the uniqueness
in me

And travel on my own path
Noticing my own blessings
Living my own story.


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My value is not determined by:

the money I make,
the size of my paycheck
or even if i get one

the clothes I have,
where I got them
or the labels inside them

the house I live in,
if I own or rent
or the neighborhood it’s in

the car I drive,
practical and old
or fancy and new

the diplomas I have,
where they are from
or where they “should” be from

It’s all just stuff.

God doesn’t care
what clothes I wear
what car I drive

He loves me in spite of my stuff.

When I get caught up in needing more, needing new
He still loves me
He waits right by me

“Ok, kiddo – if you think so
but I don’t care about your stuff –
having that is not going to make you feel whole
or make you feel better.
But I will let you figure it out,
and I will just love you.”

My worth, my value, is not determined by what I own.
I refuse to feel less than
someone with more
I am more
than my stuff

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