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My value is not determined by:

the money I make,
the size of my paycheck
or even if i get one

the clothes I have,
where I got them
or the labels inside them

the house I live in,
if I own or rent
or the neighborhood it’s in

the car I drive,
practical and old
or fancy and new

the diplomas I have,
where they are from
or where they “should” be from

It’s all just stuff.

God doesn’t care
what clothes I wear
what car I drive

He loves me in spite of my stuff.

When I get caught up in needing more, needing new
He still loves me
He waits right by me

“Ok, kiddo – if you think so
but I don’t care about your stuff –
having that is not going to make you feel whole
or make you feel better.
But I will let you figure it out,
and I will just love you.”

My worth, my value, is not determined by what I own.
I refuse to feel less than
someone with more
I am more
than my stuff


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