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don’t buy me anything
don’t get me a gift
so much turmoil surrounds it
it’s just not fun

Agonizing issues with gifts.

What if I don’t get you something?
What if mine’s not good enough?
What if I don’t really like it?
What if I disappoint you with my reaction?

what do you want in return?
only gratitude?
thing is,
I don’t really
believe that

I seem so ungrateful
Almost hateful

D I S T R U S T I N G.

I haven’t always been this way
I don’t have to be this way
I choose not to be this way

Can I let go of my issues with gifts?
Can I accept the greatest gift of all?
God’s grace

I am worthy.
I can trust.
And I thank you.


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It’s Christmastime!

Gotta find the perfect tree

Gotta put up the perfect lights

Gotta buy the perfect gifts
at the perfect sale prices

Gotta set up the perfect decorations

Gotta get the perfect outfits

Gotta bake the perfect cookies

Gotta cook the perfect meal

Gotta make the most perfect of all memories

Gotta pause.

Christ was the perfect gift, given to us by God,
so that we don’t have to be perfect.
We are free
We don’t need to do anything
We are valuable, loved, cherished, and complete
not by what we find, get, set, make
but just in who we are

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