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Being quiet
Being still
Doing some thinking
Doing some feeling

what steps come next?
what path will be mine?
what holds my attention?
define the design…

lights and signs may flash all around me
noise and smells fill the air
stimulation overloads my senses
where do I focus?

I shuffle cards
in the deck of my life
what do I hold?
what do I fold?

What boundaries do I need to set?
What goals do I need to plan?
What will help me understand my gifts?
and use them…

Questions abound

And so I am quiet
And so I am still
Doing some thinking and feeling
and knowing
the bottom line will always be
What will bring me closer to God?



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and frustrated
when we can see
that people could be
so much more
so much bigger
so much greater
so much happier

if they only choose
to let go

to let go of some of their demons
some of their own insecurities
some of their own self-hatred

we can’t do it for them

it’s unimaginable for me
to let go of the HOPE
of anyone’s potential

if only he would ___
things would be awesome

maybe I could just ___
and it would all be ok

but I have to realize
that I can’t
I can’t fix it.
I can’t fix it for anyone
other than me

And so I must move on
without him
and focus on seeing
my own potential


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