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I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me.

But do I allow it?
Do I let go enough
of my own need to control
to allow God’s miracles to happen?

Help me to let go
Help me to give it all to you
It is through your power alone
that my life will be filled

Nothing I do
Nothing I plan
Nothing I say

directs my path as clearly
As when I am still
and listen to your voice

I don’t have to figure it all out
I don’t have to have it all planned

I just need to trust you, God
I choose
to trust you

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What do I do?
What comes next?
How do I handle it?

What do I do?
What’s my next step?
What’s the right thing to do?

What do I do?
What if it goes wrong?
What if I make a bad decision?


in indecision
in wanting to know certainty
before stepping out
in wanting my decisions to
always be perfect and right

in wanting perfection and control.

But I don’t have to be in control
I give my fears over to the Lord
He will guide my path
He doesn’t care if I end up making the “wrong” choice
and as long as I am resting in Him,
no decision will be wrong –
except to wait
for perfect control.

~ Let the thaw begin ~

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Hey self,
Gimme a break.

This is who I am today
and that’s ok
I don’t have to be “better”
I don’t have to have thingsĀ  “handled”
I don’t have to have it all “figured”
I don’t have to have it all in “control”

This is me
This is today
This is ok

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