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I sit waiting

cringing on the inside
knowing what’s coming
harsh “helpful” words
in the name of feedback

I sit waiting

determined to remember
this says more about her
than it does about me

determined to remember
this is one person’s opinion
and doesn’t define me

determined to remember
that I’m covered by grace
and don’t have to be perfect

I radiate light

Visualizing that light
swells me with strength

I sit a bit straighter
I lean forward and smile

For I am not defined
by this conversation
and I will not cower
anticipating criticism

someone's opinion

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why is being loving to myself so difficult?

i see all my flaws
i see all my “shoulds”
i see all my mistakes

but i don’t see me

I want to have eyes that are opened
to see me
and love me
just as I am

knowing I have

I am worthy of love
especially from me

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